Stylish Aviation-Inspired Leather Backpacks From Moreca Atelier Will Set You Back $10,000

Aviatrix PH-2

As world renowned as they are for trunks and travel bags, luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton rarely makes limited edition travel bags. And if you are the type of jet-setter always on the look for that exclusive piece of fashionable accessory there is a one-of-a-kind backpack on offer now from Moreca Worldwide. The Kiev, Ukraine-based luxury accessory maker has launched two steamer bag style backpacks; Aviator PH-1 (gents) and Aviatrix PH-2 (ladies) with design inspirations borrowed from the Lockheed Super Constellation aircraft. Priced $10,000 per backpack each version will be limited to just 99 pieces.

Aviator PH-1

Backpacks are handcrafted from the best available materials sourced from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Ukraine. Its design feature a main general compartment, an inner pocket and a hidden pocket that can be accessed from the back. Their interiors are lined with natural suede and feature hand made nickle-plated brass accessories.

Aviator PH-1

Its aircraft-inspired decorative highlights include the embossed pattern of the original turbines, the tail numbers of the aircraft marked on the hangtags, wing lines revealed by the flap and the contours of inner pockets. The quilted pattern on the back is a feature borrowed from the shapes and lines of the shock-absorbing cushions on aircraft armchairs.

Aviator PH-1

The backpacks are made from a special vegetable tanned leather treated with chestnut and mimosa extract. The tanning has given the leather a naturally aged effect. Additionally the leather is naturally dried and polished with an amber stone to achieve its weathered look.

Handcrafting each stylish Aviator PH-1 and Aviatrix PH-2 backpack takes 50 hours. Each bag comes with its unique serial number and a product data sheet. It has plenty of room to carry your essentials including a small laptop or a tablet while jet-setting the world.

Aviatrix PH-2 Aviatrix PH-2


Source: Moreca Atelier

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