Karl Lagerfeld Gets His Own Fendi Buggie Named Bag Boy Karlito

Fendi Buggie - Bag Boy Karlito 2

Karl Lagerfeld now has his own Fendi Buggie. A mini Karl Lagerfeld called Bag Boy Karlito was introduced during the Fendi runway show during Milan Fashion Week. Like Lagerfeld, Bag Boy Karlito has signature white little ponytail, large black sunglasses, large white collar and the black tie.

Just like the Fendi Buggies introduced during the holiday season, Karlito can be attached to handbags. During the show Karlito was introduced by British model Cara Delevingne in a furry helmet, carrying Karlito like a lantern in her fingertips. Karlito ended up being a star and came out to take a bow after the show. On backstage Silvia Venturini Fendi said “Not Bad Boy, Bag Boy.”

Fendi Buggie - Bag Boy Karlito 3 Fendi Buggie - Bag Boy Karlito 1


Source: Yahoo 

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