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Piaget launched the Rose Collection last year. Roses started to appear in Piaget jewelry in the 1960’s. Rose, the universal symbol beauty, and Piaget are made for each other.   Yves Piaget, the founder of the company served in the Geneva International Competition of New Roses as a jury member. Subsequently, his love of roses acknowledged in 1982, the famous rose breeder Meilland named his Competition-winning rose the “Yves Piaget rose”. For the 2013 installment of the Rose Collection, Piaget added 15 exquisite pieces of pink rose representing passion and the pastel rose of love. Blooming roses are captured in bright pink tourmalines and opals, with petals paved in diamonds. Head over to Piaget to explore more about the exquisite Rose Collection.

Piaget Rose ring – $3,100
Piaget Rose ring in 18K rose gold, set with 2 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.11 ct) and a carved pink opal. A reference to the most emblematic Piaget jewelry motif, the rose, this ring subscribes to this symbolic imagery with natural freshness. With its hand-carved petals, the delicacy of opal and the warmth of rose gold, it opens out on the finger of she who wears it as one of the most refined creations imaginable.

Piaget - Rose Ring 1

Piaget Rose earrings – $13,500
Piaget Rose earrings in 18K white gold set with 72 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.45 ct) and 2 cushion-cut pink tourmalines (approx. 2.8 ct).  The relationship established between the rose and the tourmaline is as intense as that between a woman and her jewelry.

Piaget - Rose Earings 6

Piaget Rose bracelet – $2,000
Piaget Rose bracelet in 18K rose gold set with a brilliant-cut diamond (approx. 0.04 ct).  With this bracelet Piaget revisits its historic rose, giving it a spirited reinterpretation.

Piaget - Rose Bracelet 5

Piaget Rose earrings – $25,900
Piaget Rose earrings in 18K rose gold set with 10 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.75 ct), 70 pink sapphires (approx. 0.35 ct) and 12 pink tourmalines (approx. 4.62 ct). Ringed with a rose set with a diamond, these airy earrings are worn at two different times: the flower alone by day, and in the evening the long version with the glamorous and sensual spirit of diamonds and sapphires and tourmalines.

Piaget - Rose Earings 2

Piaget Rose ring – $29,000
Piaget Rose ring in 18K white gold, set with one brilliant-cut diamond and brilliant-cut sapphires. A rose in blue sapphires opens its petals to let the brilliant light of a diamond dance, in a jewel of multiple bluish sparkling tones. In a glamorous version that harks back to the Charleston, this ring opens up a new wave that is resolutely modern and festive.

Piaget - Rose Ring 3

Source: Piaget

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