Hublot Sunglasses – Handmade In Switzerland

Hublot Sunglasses 2

Hublot every now and again gets into partnerships with artisans of other industries to make special edition products. They worked with BMC to build a carbon fiber racing bicycle not so long ago. Their newest partner in adventure is Marcus Marienfeld AG, the Swiss based inventor of the anti-reflective coating for sunglasses. They have come with a pair of Hublot sunglasses hand made in Switzerland.

Stylish sunglasses designed exclusively for Hublot features high-performance adaptable lenses and a high-tech titanium frame. The CR-39 Zeiss lenses on the inside are protected with Zeiss’s anti-reflective coating, this prevents internal reflections and making it water repellent. On the outside, the special Tri-Flection™ coating protect lenses from gathering  fingerprints, marks and dust, consequently making it require less cleaning. State-of-the-art Zeiss CR-39 lenses in blue also offer very high UV protection as well as optical performance.

There is no word on pricing. Special edition Hublot sunglasses are individually numbered and available in two versions – titanium Black and Titanium.

Hublot Sunglasses 1


Source: HypeBeast

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