Surfboard To Boardroom In Just One Suit – Hi Tech True Wetsuits From Quicksilver

Quicksilver True Wetsuit

There is no place in this world better than Japan to find out-of-the-ordinary stuff (we all know how unique their TV shows are!) If you have plans to emulate that suave British spook James Bond, there is a company in Japan that can somewhat help you with a stylishly cut wetsuit. Named True Wetsuits, this is a design and creative collaboration between two Japanese companies – Quicksilver and TBWA\Hakuhodo. Even though this is called a wetsuit, use of it is not limited to water related activity at all. Ride high waves in the morning on the way to work dressed up in a wetsuit and show up at work in the same suit.

The stylish wetsuits are tailored with “Dry Flight” fabric from 3M and water-friendly 2mm super high-stretch jersey neoprene. The collection is available in colors black and navy and offered in two designs – a notch lapel jacket or a tuxedo with peak lapels and a bow tie. Ensemble includes a shirt, jacket, pants, tie and a bow. Not sure how this is going to work but a notebook and a high-tech pen are also part of the collection – if you push the pen while in the sea it has the capability to send an excuse email to work (or to any other pre-defined contact.)

Quicksilver True Wetsuit

The hi-tech nicely-cut True Wetsuits costs ¥300,000 (about $2,500). It takes two months to make a complete set, place your order with plenty of advance time.

Quicksilver True Wetsuit Quicksilver True Wetsuit Quicksilver True Wetsuit Quicksilver True Wetsuit Quicksilver True Wetsuit


Source: True Wetsuit

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