Hermès Cinhetic Top Handle Bag Now Debuting Online

Hermes Cinhetic Top Handle Bag

Watch Out for that Gorgeous Fuchsia Alligator

Hermès never features its new bags on its website simultaneously as they are launched into the market. When any of Hermès newly introduced bags are launched in the brand’s flagship stores, Hermès allows a long period for its ardent and loyal aficionados to secure the product. Then, a couple months later, when the hype for the product has almost died down, Hermès rekindles the dying flame by giving its online aficionados the opportunity to explore the newly availed wonder of Hermès by featuring it online on the Hermès website.

Hermes Cinhetic Top Handle Bag

The latest Hermès bag that has been featured online in this manner with its price tag of $30,700 is the Hermès Cinhetic Top Handle Bag. This online revelation of the bag allows the Hermès bag enthusiasts to explore its intricate and ravishing interior and it’s fine finishing details which cannot be done when you see the bag on a runway or in street style photos.

Yet even after its web unveiling, one version of the Hermès Cinhetic Top Handle Bag is still not available for inspection on the Hermès website. It is the Hermès Cinhetic Top Handle Bag’s ultra-expensive version, with such an exquisite finish that it nearly shimmers.  Not to forget, one feature that makes this ultra-expensive version is its colour -the unique fuchsia alligator.

Hermes Cinhetic Top Handle Bag

A close examination reveals that this exotic fuchsia alligator exterior continues to the inside of the top flap of the bag. There, this exotic fuchsia blends into the tonal leather interior. In shape, the Hermès Cinhetic Top Handle Bag’s interior is open and square-like. At its rear are two twin pouch pockets, perfect for storing quick grabs like a phone or keys. Its gussets are a testament to the bag’s durability and come in a consistent width from top to bottom, giving what seems like the densely packed bag a surprisingly spacious interior.

The Hermès Cinhetic Top Handle Bag’s front exterior features the signature Cinhetic hardware closure with the geometric H fully plated in palladium. The bag’s rear holds another full-width slip pocket also perfect for storing a phone.

Source: Purseblog

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