Heritage Auctions And Moda Operandi Joins For Hermès Trunk Show

Heritage Auctions and Moda Operandi has teamed up again for a  Hermès classics auction. Online luxury retailer presents an exquisitely curated collection of Hermès classics. They know you are really, really interested in these museum-worthy stylish Birkins and Constances, so they are roping you into buying them… Let’s get moving ladies (and gents – who wants to buy lovely bags for their lovely ladies.)

Blue Roi Ostrich Birkin With Palladium Hardware
Gorgeous and stunning Ostrich skin.  Blue Ostrich is a discontinued color, so here’s your last chance to grab your favorite Birkin in your favorite color. Hermès no longer produces Ostrich Birkins in this size, making it extremely collectible.  Blue Roi Ostrich will set you back only $34,500.

Hermès Heritage - Blue Roi Ostrich Birkin 2

Shiny Black Rouge H Two-Tone Porosus Crocodile Birkin With Gold Hardware
A simple classical Birkin in two-tone of shining black and a hint of rouge. Porosus crocodile skin with gold hardware.  Hermès-Paris is embossed in gold above the lock. Yours for $64,500.

Hermès Heritage - Porosus Cricodile Birkin 3

Ultraviolet Shiny Nilo Crocodile Birkin
This bag was born to brighten your day … day or night. The gorgeous bag is made with Nilo crocodile and matching the interior. Hermès-Paris is embossed on the lock. Four silver feet on the bottom of the bag. Yours for only $74,500.

Hermès Heritage - Ultraviolet Shiny Nilo 4

Rose Scheherazade Porosus Crocodile Birkin
If Queen Scheherazade can tell you just one more story, it would be about the Birkin Rose Scheherazade. Even Hermès are at a loss for words to describe this stunning rose bag. This striking rose color will take your breath away. Hermès-Paris is embossed in silver above the lock. Four silver feet on the bottom of the bag. A bag named for a   queen deserves the regal price tag of $84,500.

Hermès Heritage - Porosus Scheherazde Crocodile 5

Diamond Shiny Blue Jean Porosus Crocodile Constance With Orange Interior
A rare Hermès Constance’s in the world, this bag was called one of the most exotic bags world has ever seen. Dressed to nine in jewels –  18k white gold with original Hermes diamonds. Interior of the bag is blinding bright orange, so is the blinding price tag of $99,500.  You can spend all your life savings and a bit more to be the proud owner of 150  Hermès diamond studded bag.

Hermès Heritage - Porosus Blue Jean 6

Trunkshow ends on September 3 at 11 pm.

Source: Luxury Launches and Moda Operandi

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