Henna Inspired Stunning Shoes From Pavan Ahluwalia

Pavan Ahluwalia shoes 1

UK-based Henna artist, Pavan Ahluwalia is well known around the world as the Guinness World Holder for being the fastest henna artist. She has set the record twice by painting 511 armbands in February 2012, where each design was different from the other, beating her own previous record of 314 armbands in 2008 by an incredible 197 armbands. She also works with celebrities and industry names like Selfridges, Harrods, Sky TV, and the BBC.

Ahluwalia is trying her hand in a different area of fashion this time around. She has introduced a pair of very fashionable henna art inspired hand-painted high-heeled shoes. Made with top of the line quality leather in China, shoes are decorated with diamantes and raised gold paint. Shoes feature heels just under 6 inches high and colors that are customizable to your liking. Initially they going to be available only in UK for £150 that is about $250.

Pavan Ahluwalia shoes 2


Source: Pavan Ahluwalia 

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