Hello Kitty Says “Hello!” To Fashion And Skincare

Hello Kitty Bathrobe

Hello Kitty is an icon and since 1974 she has successfully ventured into every market from retail to events. A few brands can claim the popularity that Hello Kitty holds to this day and it can be credited to her evolving with the audiences – keeping herself relevant to the older generations through nostalgia and for launching new products for the younger, newer consumers. One of Hello Kitty’s new collaborations is coming just in time for the 2018 holiday season. Sanrio (owner of the Hello Kitty brand) is planning to unveil a whole range of purr-feat beauty and fashion products will be on the store shelves. Here is a glimpse into the collection –

Hello Kitty Bakery Trio
Hello Kitty Shooting Bakery Trio Dive into the bathtub with Hello Kitty bath bombs. These cute bath essentials are now available by Fragrant Jewels and come in scents like cotton candy ice cream and vanilla marshmallow donut. Hello Kitty Bakery trio, $45, Fragrant Jewels

Hello Kitty Unicorn Sheet Mask
Hello Kitty Unicorn Sheet Mask Hello Kitty and The Creme Shop mark their very first collaboration with this collection. The beauty range includes sheet masks, lip balms, headbands, creme, and eyelashes too! Hello Kitty Unicorn Sheet Mask, $4, The Creme Shop

Sanrio Hello Kitty Kids Tee
Hello Kitty Kid's Tee You can never have enough graphic tees, especially with pop-culture icons like Hello Kitty. The brand released a new collection of t-shirts with inspiring messages available at Megology. The t-shirts is designed by Megan Bomgaars, one of the stars the A&E docuseries “Born This Way,” which follows a group of young adults born with Down syndrome who pursue their dreams and defy society’s expectations. Now thats fashion with meaning – something Hello Kitty would stand by. Sanrio Hello Kids Tee, $20, Megology

Hello Kitty X Pac-Man Handbag
Hello Kitty Pac-Man Bag Hello Kitty is always seen with her bag and accessories so it was only fitting to have a handbag included in her new line. The design for this year’s quirky bags and wallets was inspired by old arcade game, Pac-Man giving us all intense throwback feelings with the two heroes of our childhood. Hello Kitty X Pac-Man Handbag, $64, Sanrio

Hello Kitty is truly a legend in her own right for the last five decades and she is here to stay. Indulge in some much-needed self-care with these fun beauty products or some retail therapy with everyone’s beloved cat – either way, there will surely be a smile on your face!

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