Harrods Launch No 1 Passant Guardant World’s Most Expensive Perfume $230,000

World's Most Expensive Perfume No 1 Passant Guardant

This from the outset is the most expensive perfume in the world. If you want to own it you have to pony up £143,000 or the equivalent $230,000. However there is a catch, almost most of that value come from the bottle perfume come with. The diamond encrusted crystal bottle covered in 24 karat gold lattice work is truly a one-of-a-kind that deserves the “world’s most expensive perfume” tag. Created by British perfumer Clive Christian and named “No 1 Passant Guardant”, the special edition celebrates the opening of the Salon de Parfum boutique at Harrods.

The extravagant perfume that only the super-rich can afford has a Clive Christian’s signature crown shaped top, created in honor of Queen Victoria. The top itself comes decorated with diamonds flawless white diamonds. A lion motif encrusted with two yellow diamonds and a rare pink diamond as its tongue adorns front of the bottle. All its gold lattice work is handcrafted. In all the bottle features 2,000 flawless, individually set diamonds. Clive Christian said “I was inspired to create an iconic bottle as precious as a crown jewel to mark this special event.”

Now here’s the not-so-apt part, the 30 ml of perfume inside this opulent vessel is nothing to celebrate about unfortunately. It is standard Clive Christian perfume No 1, which retails for £450 ($725). But for a special edition such as this, a special perfume of its own is the right way to go, both Harrods and perfumer may have missed an opportunity to do something very special we feel.


Source: Daily Mail

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