Guerlain Launches Unisex “Eau de Cashmere” Fragrance

Guerlain Eau de Cashmere

The “Eau de Cashmere,” the newest fragrance from the revered French perfume house Guerlain is more like a luxury version of Febrez fabric freshener. For a refreshing scent of fresh cloths just spray a bit of unisex fragrance directly to your favorite sweaters and cashmere wraps to create a “soft cocooning effect” as described by Guerlain.

The unisex fragrance with mainly powdered notes contains iris and lavender, and fresh notes of bergamot and mandarin. Final layer giving a reassuring wake contains woody notes of cedar, vetiver and musk. In addition to cloths “Eau de Cashmere” can be worn in the body as well as layer with other fragrances in Guerlain’s l’Art & la Matière collection such as Angélique Noire, Cruel Gardénia, Myrrhe et Délires, and Bois d’Arménie.

This is Guerlain’s third fragrance in “fragrance for fabrics” collection after Eau de Lit and Eau de Lingerie. Priced at € 72.00($100) for 125ml, “Eau de Cashmere” is available for purchase online from  Guerlain and other high-end stores.


 Source: Guerlain 

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