Gucci’s Latest Sneaker Collection Comes In Neon Colors

Gucci FallWinter 2014 Sneakers 4

Come fall/winter days you are better off wearing luminous colors, so every driver on the road can see you. Road safety is however not the reason Gucci created their latest exclusive collection of sneakers in neon colors of yellow, green and orange for men and yellow, green and hot pink for women. The limited edition collection is made of a soft leather upper, a white rubber sole embossed with Gucci logo and also features a Gucci script detail tag. The sleek and simple design of the collection is in contrast to what most others offer in design such as high-tops, shiny hardware and hidden wedges.

Made in Italy, fashionable sneakers are available online at A women’s pair costs $640 while a men’s pair come with a price tag of $690.

Gucci FallWinter 2014 Sneakers 1 Gucci FallWinter 2014 Sneakers 3 Gucci FallWinter 2014 Sneakers 2


Source: Gucci

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