Dad Jeans Ready Retro-Styled $820 Gucci Apollo Leather Sneaker Is Here To Stay

Gucci Apollo Leather Sneaker

These are the perfect matching sneakers for Obama’s dad jeans. At least they seemed that way when Gucci unveiled the Cruise 2018 Collection way back when at the end of May in Florence, Italy. At the time these thick-soled retro Gucci Apollo leather sneaker had no branding or decals – they were just plain old ugly white. Gucci’s design guru Alessandro Michele’s brain works differently, and he loves nothing but bold colors and patterns of all kinds.

To make these chunky dad sneakers more palatable, Michele has now added label’s multicolored logo graphics and lettering to its thick rubber mid-sole and leather upper. The black and gold lettering, brand’s logo and red/green colors don’t come cheap – as old-fashioned and pre-distressed as they are, Gucci Apollo will set you back $820.

Made in Italy sneaker features a rounded toe, padded tongue and collar, flat laces and leather lining. For unknown magical reasons, these type of items always find ways to land at Barney’s New York. The luxury department store is now taking pre-orders for the Gucci Apollo leather sneaker online.

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