George Pragnell Falcon Ring – British Jewelry House Creates A Fifth Masterpiece

George Pragnell - Falcon Ring

Charlie Pragnell of British jewelry house George Pragnell is determined to continue with his five year old tradition – design an “exhibition piece”. His reason for doing so is to showcase the talents of his company’s master craftsmen. Their creation this year, a falcon ring crafted in burnished yellow gold, surpasses creations of previous four years due to its exceptional design and workmanship.

Geroge Pragnell, founded in 1964 in Stratford-upon-Avon (that’s Shakespeare country) by the namesake founder is now run by his son Jeremy and grandson aforementioned Charlie. The falcon ring in a way also celebrates company’s diamond anniversary.

The stunningly crafted falcon ring features a gold falcon adorned in stunning colorful diamonds from beak to tail. Its feathers are covered in diamonds that vary in color from cognac and yellow, to cinnamon and white. A couple of black diamonds acts as its eyes. The falcon is shown hovering to land with a fine rough diamond clutched in its claws.

This truly is a one-of-a-kind bold piece. If you are to wear this, you better have ton of self-confidence to carry it. However that will not be an issue, Charlie Pragnell do not sell his “exhibition pieces”, they are locked and stored away in company’s vaults.

Charlie Pragnell told Telegraph UK “A falcon holding a golden ring in its beak is part of one of our family’s crests. It’s one of the marks making up the stamped Hallmark in our jewelry. This part of the mark we call The Pragnell Seal, which specifies that the article is a design exclusive to our company and that the jewellery is handcrafted in Great Britain.”

His other masterpiece pieces include a colorful hummingbird adorned with gemstones from around the world he created in 2010 and a finely rendered ballerina – caught in mid-pose.


Source: Telegraph UK

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