First Halal Certified Nail Polish Launched In Time For Ramadan In Middle East

Halal Certified Nail Polish

You can stay a fashionista in the Middle East during the holy month of Ramadan and beyond. As announced by the BCI Group, a halal certified nail polish is now in the market. According to Islamic prayer traditions, women are required to remove nail polish before prayers, so that water can contact their skin during wudu. Named “H” by BCI Group, the new nail polish comes with increased water absorptivity which allows water to pass through the nails.

Certified by the Al Iman Islamic Society, to get certification nail polish should be free of alcohol, fragrances, and non-halal and animal derivatives. It also needs to carry a guarantee that it was not tested on animals.

Kawthar Makahlah Al Shamsi, founder of the BCI Group said, “We are exceptionally happy with this brand new launch in the UAE. The Emirati nail polish will now add a touch of vibrance to the routine manicure of women, which can stay for as long as they want.”

Halal nail polish is initially available in colors white, black, red, blue, nude and gold. The company plans to expand the collection with classic and unique shades each season. It is estimated that the nail polish market in the Middle East is worth between Dhs18-51 billion. A 14 ml bottle costs Dhs60 and available at all leading salons and spas across the UAE.

Halal Certified Nail Polish 2


Source: Eat Halal

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