Fendi Buggies To Make Your Accessories Stand Out

Haute couture is not haute couture without accessories. Accessories, they come in all shapes, sizes and fuzzy varieties. House of Fendi has one such fuzzy accessory for this holiday season, a charm they named Fendi Buggie.

Angry Bird looking fuzzy Fendy Buggies, six in all, have names too – the Funny, the Snob, the Angry, the Savage, the Crazy and the Playful. Just like Japanese ladies do, you can stick them on anything – your pricey Fendi baguette or your smartphone and why not on your Fendi pump like this? Fuzz-itivley entertaining stuff this!

Fendi is not bringing buggies to the market without any early introduction. They have released a short video showcasing Buggies multi-talents. They can drive against the wind, kiss and then get kicked! Fendi Buggies arrive on stores and Fendi.com November 5.

Source: Glamour Magazine

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