Fashionable Agabag Made From Lego Bricks Selling Like Hot Cakes On Etsy

Lego Agabag

Lego bricks have many uses, among them is making a living, breathing road-worthy car like this. Another as we have just found out, making fashion accessories such as handbags and clutches. Not just play things, but real blinged-out and fashionable versions for adults. A couple in Krakow, Poland with entrepreneurial ambitions have designed and built the stylish Agabag, which they sell on Etsy. Agnieszka Biernacka and Tomasz Biernacki started their lego handbag business six years ago and now sells between 60 to 80 bags monthly. Majority of their customers are from the US, Japan and Taiwan.

Making of the Agabag is done in two stages. The first step involves making a Lego shell that is done by drilling small holes through Lego bricks and then stringing them together like beads. The second step is attaching them to soft interior of the bag. There are several variations of the bag, all color related. Most popular of them all is the multi-colored bag while the most glamourous is gold-plated Lego brick version. To transform Lego pieces into metallic gold bricks, Agnieszka sends them to a jeweler to get coated in a thin layer of real 24 karat gold.

Lego Agabag

As for the pricing popular multi-color version has a $180 price tag and the red brick Agabag a hefty $580 label. The gold-plated fancier version commands more than $300, and that sells well according to the couple. Their Lego creations are not limited to handbags and clutches, they also make bracelets, cuff links, ear studs and wallets.

You would be surprised to know that Agnieszka and her husband Tomasz had nothing to do with design field before they started the business. They are in fact classically trained musicians – she a violist and he an opera conductor. Don’t be afraid to follow your passion for fashion. Head over to their Etsy store     here to check out their other creations and the Agabag.

Lego Agabag Lego Agabag Lego Agabag


Source: Luxury Launches

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