EyeGoodies Now Offer Stylish Super Jubilee Sunglasses From Italian Brand Retro Super Future

Super Jubilee Sunglasses 1

EyeGoodies has some super cool sunglasses from the Italian brand the Retro Super Future. The sunglasses got renamed by EyeGoddies as “Super Jubilee” because they feature metal temples that resemble bracelets of Rolex Datejusts and old GMT’s. Anyway nothing else changed and the stylish Italian design is there for you to wear and look super cool. The Super Jubilees are handmade in Italy from top quality acetate and boasts lenses from Zeiss. As you know Zeiss makes some of the premium optics in the world.

The new Super Jubilee collection has four styles in limited edition and come with a $299 price tag. EyeGoodies also offer services to convert them into RX sunglasses or RX eyeglasses.

Super Jubilee Sunglasses 3

The Super sunglasses has a faithful celebrity following that includes Daft Punk, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba and Valentino Rossi. Kanye west was seen in a pair of flat tops and Sienna Miller in brand’s sky blue basic shape.

You can check Super Jubilee sunglasses out here.

Super People Jubilee Super Jubilee Sunglasses 6

Super Novanta Jubilee Super Jubilee Sunglasses 5

Super Basic Jubilee Super Jubilee Sunglasses 4

 Super Flat Jubilee (also the top image) Super Jubilee Sunglasses 2


Source: EyeGoodies

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