Dwyane Wade’s NBA Playoffs Fashion

While this year’s NBA Finals have turned into a downright fierce competition between reigning champs the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, major fun is still being had by at least one-star player. Dwyane Wade and his eclectic wardrobe have been a hot topic throughout the NBA playoffs, as the shooting guard and father of two continues to explore and express his passionate love of fashion. On May 26 in Indianapolis, the Chicago native donned a blinding head-to-toe orange ensemble for a press conference. Even his sneakers had an orange tint, as did the handsome toiletries bag he held at his side.

Just weeks before, Wade casually strolled into a playoff game against the Chicago Bulls wearing body-hugging Capri pants effortlessly matched with dark leather driving shoes. That particularly stunning outfit had his Twitter account, which has more than 4 million followers, exploding with pleasant and not-so-pleasant critiques of his unique metrosexual style. While some loved the whimsical look, which paired the dark Capri pants with a tailored Gucci sports blazer and white shirt, others chastised the NBA star for dressing “too female.” TNT analyst Charles Barkley spent most of the halftime show fixated on Wayne’s fashion du jour instead of the game itself.

Over the years, Wade and his equally fashion-savvy girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, have been fixtures at New York Fashion Week. Wade has chatted up Vogue editor Anna Wintour several times and ventured to Paris and Milan for Fashion Weeks with a few other fashion-loving NBA stars, such as Carmelo Anthony. Calyann Barnett, stylist for the NBA All-star describes Wade’s style “As classic with a touch of daring and a pinch of prep, but always unpredictable.” Barnett adds that her favorite look on her client was in Round 2, game 1 where Wade wore a cotton jacquard Ferragamo suit and a floral printed Alexander McQueen deep v-neck sweater. He completed the look with a pair of Li Ning trainers. “It was a very mature look but still had elements of his flare of color and patterns,” said Barnett.

“I love clothes,’’ says Wade. “There’s fun to be had in choosing what to wear, so I have fun.” The 31-year-old usually works with Barnett to choose his eye-popping outfits, which regularly include fitted pink or white pants, skinny jeans, floral scarves, and plaid or brightly colored printed shirts. Trendsetting as he is, Wade probably won’t be talking much fashion before Tuesday’s game in Miami. With the Spurs up 3–2 and just one game away from becoming the new NBA champions, the only outfit likely to be on Wade’s mind will be his shiny white Miami Heat uniform.

Wade leaves the Chicago arena in a head-to-toe look by Gucci.
Dwyane Wade Fashion 3

Wade arrives for Game 5 against San Antonio.
Dwyane Wade Fashion 9

Wade arrives at the AT&T Center for Game 4 against the San Antonio Spurs.
Dwyane Wade Fashion 8

Wade arrives at San  Antonio’s AT&T Center for Game 3 of the NBA Finals.
Dwyane Wade Fashion 7

Wade looks trim while arriving for dinner at a Miami steakhouse.
Dwyane Wade Fashion 6

Wade arrives at Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Indianapolis.
Dwyane Wade Fashion 5

Wade exits a press conference in Indianapolis alongside teammate LeBron James.
Dwyane Wade Fashion 4

Wade wears a flamboyant Versace jacket to a postgame press conference in Miami.
Dwyane Wade Fashion 2

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