Adorable Glitter Baby Ballerina’s Dolly By Le Petit Tom At Harrods

Aw … they are so adorable! These shoes are not made for walking. Dress up your baby girl in little Doll shoes that you always wanted. Dolly by Le Petit Tom is a beautiful baby ballerina shoe handmade in Italy from softest leathers, suedes, velvet, and luxury fabrics for your ballerina bundle with tiny toes.

Dolly by Le Petite Tom - 2

Inspired by classic Mary Jane style, shoe pays great attention to baby’s comfort and fully lined with leather. A satin ribbon wraps these around babies ankle. Available in colors fuchsia and silver glitter, and sizes from 16 up to 32.

Harrods sell them only in-store and their price is not published. You can buy online from Le Petit Tom website for €43 (approx. $60).

Dolly by Le Petite Tom - 4

Source: Harrods

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