Dolce Bag Gold Wrapped And Studded With Jewels For A Festive Feel

Dolce Bag

Sicilian gentlemen Dole & Gabbana love their family heirlooms and all the precious stones that come with them. The Sicilian Jewels makeup collection they released for Christmas at Harrods is a testament to that. To go with that make up collection they also released a matching handbag scintillating with tourmalines, rubies and emeralds from their fall/winter bag collection.

Dolce & Gabbana’s entire FW 2015 collection is based on fairy tales such as Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Queen of Hearts. During the fashion show models strutted the runway with accessories both poetic and feminine that are adorned with precious materials, sequins and intricate embroidery. As part of that collection, the Dolce Bag also received a regal treatment. Made with a carved gold-finish, the Dolce Bag comes adorned with rhinestones and colored cabochons. This bag bring to mind Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle, it has the same trunk silhouette. In additional to colorful and intricate work, it also has a gold-finish lock in the shape of a padlock.

Pricing for the Dolce Bag is on request only. If not for Christmas you sure can have it for New Year celebrations and beyond.


Source: Luxury Launches

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