Diamond Studded Heart-Soled Contessa Stiletto From House Of Borgezie $130,420

House of Borgezie - Contessa Wafer stiletto 1

These heels are made for the well-heeled of the world. Last year designer Christopher Michael Shellis of House of Borgezie gave us the Cleopatra stiletto with a price tag of $112,000. Shellis is starting this year going a little further up the pricing ladder with the all new Contessa Wafer stiletto, the platinum version of it arrives with a hefty price tag of $130,420. The Contessa stiletto is also available in gold for $93,500 and the more affordable silver version for $11,400.

For all this money, in addition to precious metals they also come studded with diamonds and a 1,000 year warranty. Shellis also offer replacement soles and heels, a patented feature that can easily done by the owner. This also means the stiletto can be in the family for a long time as a family heirloom.

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Originally designed for this year’s Valentine’s Day, it features heart shaped heels and soles in bold red. In creating the Contessa, Shellis has poured his heart and soul into designing it for over 2 years. Result of that hard work is the world’s most elegant slender stiletto that Shelly claim as “my greatest creation.” He also think this is one of the world’s most beautiful stilettos ever made.

Birmingham based Shellis said “I have been a designer jeweler for over twenty years working in the heart of the jewelry quarter in Birmingham. It’s taken over two years to develop and complete and proved to be my hardest challenge in over twenty years. I made and designed the handmade stilettos completely myself.”

The hallmarked stilettos are made to order only. Each pair takes at least 100 hours to make. I don’t know if a well-heeled diva need any soul searching before parting with her hard-earned money for a pair of red soled stilettos, I’m just glad I don’t have to make that kind of bank busting decision!

House of Borgezie - Contessa Wafer stiletto 2


Source: NY Daily News and The House of Borgezie

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