Christian Louboutin Launches The Passage Collection

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For Christian Louboutin and his fashion empire there is no more conquered place more important than the Galerie Vero-Dodat. That is the place they call home, place where Louboutin opened his first boutique and also headquartered. So, it is a fitting tribute their latest handbag collection is named the Passage, another name the Galerie Vero-Dodat is known from. Louboutin describes the new Passage collection as “sleek, timeless, and impeccably proportioned, Passage is a structured handbag fusing modern style with classic, ladylike polish.”

The Passage collection comes with curved metal handles that resembles the wrought-iron entry arches of the Galerie. Arches are a familiar sight for those who visits Louboutin boutique located at the Galerie. The collection is available as a large shoulder bag, a messenger, and a mini messenger. The bags can be worn as cross-body or carried by the fold-over handle. Also available is a sister-style clutch named Rougissime, offered in two sizes it comes with red enameled accents that is familiar with Louboutin’s signature Red Soles.

Talking about red soles, shoes and fashionable women – Louboutin said “People laugh because you walk down this particular street and all you see is beautiful women in Red Soles, it is Passage Louboutin.” Available online and in Louboutin boutiques, pricing for the Passage collection ranges from $895 to $2,350.

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Source: Christian Louboutin

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