Christian Louboutin Expands Its Nude Collection With Five New Shades

Christian Louboutin Nudes Collection

The Nude Collection first introduced as a capsule with five divers shades in 2013 by Christian Louboutin has now expanded to a complete collection with more skin tones and styles. His latest additions include two new styles and five new shades. One style is Deepik – a peep-toe with scalloped edges and the second named Dorissima is a round-toe stiletto with a classic lower-heel. The five new shades vary from light to chestnut. And Louboutin is not done adding new shades “There are two colors that I’m missing the range of in the middle. In the next year, we will be at seven total skin tones,” he says.

Christian Louboutin Nudes Deepik Lea Style

A Nude collection that started with beige nudes now has more darker shades matching darker complexions. For a collection that introduced to elongate the legs by creating an optical illusion, the beige tones collection didn’t offer the same effect for darker complexions. Now with new shades Louboutin has given women a wider color pallet of nudes to match their skins. Five new colors are the highest Lea, darkest Ada and three middle ranging shades from honey to chestnut named – Nats, Maya and Safki.

Christian Louboutin Nudes Dorissima Safki Style

The new nude colors unveiled in April at Bergdorf and Goodman in New York will be available in August on Christian Louboutin’s online store. Open-toe Deepik in Lea and Nats shades are now available for pre-order priced $995.

Christian Louboutin Nudes So Kate Maya Style


Source: Independent UK

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