The Five Best Burberry Fall Handbags To Celebrate National Handbag Day

Burberry Handbags

Tomorrow is not just Columbus Day, it is Handbag Day too. Yes, there is such thing called Handbag Day. All we need now is a Louis Vuitton Day. To celebrate this all important day I decided to visit Burberry website and pick my favorite five bags from their Fall Winter 2016 collection. I love Burberry for their understated chic – the entire fashion house, not just the bags. This year’s FW collection, however, has a handful of them in vibrant colors decorated with equally vibrant hand-applied stones.

From the five bags I picked, the Bridal Bag has the priciest price tag of them all – $26,000. Continue with the story to find out why. As for the Handbag Day, I have no idea how or what people of good old US of A celebrate this venerable day. I am pretty sure most fashionistas plan to raise a glass and celebrate their hard earned, meticulously curated “It bag” collection of Burberrys, Louis Vuittons, Ralph Laurens, Guccis, Diors and much more

The Mini Square Buckle Bag In Velvet And Snakeskin – $2,495
Burberry Mini Square Buckle Bag Highlight – for a mini bag this one features a huge buckle.

The Medium Banner In Lace Leather – $2,895
Burberry Medium Banner In Leather and Lace This is a beauty. Highlight – full grain leather laser-cut to mimic English lace.

The Ruffle Buckle Bag In Snakeskin, Ostrich, And Check – $3,295
Burberry Ruffle Buckle Bag In Snakeskin Looks like a fun little bag to have and a perfect conversation starter. Highlight – “hand-made to resemble the Elizabethan-style ruffle collars in the collection.”

The Small Buckle Bag In Alligator And Leather – $8,250
Burberry Small Buckle Bag in Alligator and Leather The price seems steep for a tiny bag, but this version is in alligator and leather. Highlight – in this small covetable bag you have enough room for daily essentials – phone, makeup, wallet etc.

The Bridle Bag In Alligator And Haymarket Check – $26,000
Burberry Bridal Bag In Alligator And Haymarket I fell for this bag right away. Highlight- star of the runway show, feature alligator, and Haymarket check – hence the astronomic price tag.

Source: Burberry

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