Ladies, Get Seduced By The Gaze Of Bulgari’s New Serpenti Seduttori Jewelry Collection

Serpenti Seduttori, remember this name. There are some notable women (real, imagined and ancient) throughout history who loved snakes, got seduced by them and/or ended up getting into trouble because of them. They include – Eve, Cleopatra, Medusa and recently Elizabeth Taylor. There is another name that is famously smitten by the slithery creature – jeweler Bulgari. Italian jeweler loves them so much they have an entire range named for them – the Bulgari Serpenti collection.

Serpenti Bracelet in pink gold, rubellite and demi pavé diamonds – from $9,050
Serpenti Seduttori Bracelet

Bulgari has recently updated the Serpenti jewelry line with new designs. While doing it they decided to get rid of the scaled coiled body and instead concentrate on the snake eyes and head. The new line named, Serpenti Seduttori, try to deceive a woman’s heart through its powerful gaze.

Serpenti Necklace in platinum with 27 brilliant cut diamonds, 28 emeralds and pavé diamonds Serpenti Seduttori Platinum Necklace

Bulgari captured piercing snake eyes via a collection of beautiful precious stones in a multitude of colors.  Amethysts, emeralds, and rubies in colors red, blue and green bring out a gaze that no woman can forget. The jewelry house also used white pavé diamonds to good effect in a couple of bracelets, a ring, and a bangle.

The collection consists of rings, skinny chains, bracelets, necklaces, and chokers. The main attraction of the Serpenti Seduttori collection is the stunning diamond and emerald-clad Serpenti Queen (see gallery above).

Serpenti Earrings in pink gold, rubellite and full pavé diamonds – from $10,600 Serpenti Seduttori Earrings

High jewelry doesn’t often arrive with relatively affordable prices. Bulgari for their credit priced few of them a lot more reasonable. Pricing for the collection starts from £1,500 and go all the way up to tens of thousands. Let’s have a look at few of the stunning pieces.

Serpenti Ring in pink gold, rubellite and demi pavé diamonds – from $6,150 Serpenti Seduttori Ring

Serpenti Earrings in pink gold, emeralds, amethysts and pavé diamonds Serpenti Seduttori Earrings

Serpenti Ring in pink gold, malachite and pavé diamonds – from $3,200

Serpenti Seduttori Ring


Source: Jewellery Editor

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