Unbelievable Yet Real – Lavishly Priced “Billionaire Fragrance For Men” Is Out For Sale At $2.25 Million

Leon Verres "Billionaire Fragrance For Men"

This time world-renowned designer Leon Verres’s indefinite imagination is spun around creating the most expensive perfume for men who loves to spend lavishly on luxurious items. What a suitable name they have chosen for this exotic perfume “Billionaire Fragrance for Men – Diamond edition” that goes hand in hand with the value. After designing one of the most expensive creations for men the uber-luxurious ‘Billionaire Vodka’, the unconventional designer, Leon Verres is back again in the limelight for creating another unique end product to deluxe enthusiasts such as the “Billionaire Fragrance for Men” – the most expensive men’s perfume with a masculine touch ever made on Earth.

Leon Verres "Billionaire Fragrance For Men"

The reason behind this enormous price tag of $2.25 million attached to this one of a kind perfumes is because it contains a large amount; that is a colossal amount of 1.5 liters of the purest Eau de Parfum. In addition, the perfume is made to pass through the millions worth of diamonds before sprayed on to the masculine body. Diamonds are stored not only interior but also exterior of the container as the surface of the container is studded with 1000 sparkling diamonds worth of millions. That’s not all before bottling the perfume it had gone through a number of value-added processes.

Though all of us dream to own this kind of a 1.5 liters decanter, only one person will be fortunate and able to afford that much of wealth to own it. The ‘Billionaire Fragrance’ further comes condensed inside a sophisticated bottle affixed with.

Leon Verres "Billionaire Fragrance For Men"

Lavish spenders who are not in a position to own the 1.5 liters decanter but still wants to own this unusual fragrance can settle for the regular version of the “Billionaire Fragrance for Men”. The somewhat less expensive alternative comes as a 100 ml Eau De Parfum that is presented in a bottle embellished with a fragrance-soaked wood label.

Not only that the buyer of every “Billionaire Fragrance for Men” will be entitled to a VIP card which is the gateway to direct and guaranteed contact to the world-renowned star designer Leon Verres via WhatsApp. So Isn’t it simply the best luxury for you!

Source: Luxury Launches

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