Bentley Momentum Unlimited – Your New Travel Essential

Bentley Momentum Unlimited

The British luxury automaker, Bentley, has released Bentley Momentum Unlimited- the latest addition to their best-selling fragrance line. The Bentley Momentum Unlimited is a bold men’s fragrance with refreshing masculine notes that gives the scent an understated yet distinct quality without compromising on its strength – all the values of Bentley packed up in a bottle.

The Bentley Momentum Unlimited is created for the ‘urban voyager’, a man who is always on the go. The daring fragrance is perfect for the globetrotter who enjoys the priceless luxury of freedom. Bentley describes the Momentum man as a  driven, stylish and someone who is fueled by challenges and successfully conquers them. The Bentley Momentum Unlimted reflects the vision and personality of the urban voyager beautifully.

The Bentley Momentum is developed using the most premium quality ingredients by Michel Almairac, one of the world’s most acclaimed scent designers. Michel Almairac created this piece to reimagine and reinterpret the Bentley Momentum fragrance line. The Bentley Momentum Unlimited is a fruity burst of fresh grapefruit and tart green apple that is uplifted even more by hints of citrusy cardamom.

Bentley Momentum Unlimited

The heart notes are a harmony of wood and leather inspired by the signature luxury interiors of Bentley automobiles. The scent also has whiffs of cedarwood, vetiver, and sandalwood. The Bentley Momentum unlimited is the perfect man distilled into a fragrance – a masculine, sensual, fearless explorer for whom the sky is not a limit.

The Bentley Momentum Unlimited bottle has the marque’s signature knurling in shiny blue-tinged silver, framed by smooth matte silver as a modern reinterpretation of the classic. The iconic motif is embossed in shiny silver plates covering the bottle from base to neck, adding tactility and a striking graphic style to the flacon. The bottle is crowned with a smooth, silver cap and with the legendary “B Wings” Bentley logo. The bottle absolutely radiates the irresistible characteristics of the scent and Bentley’s luxurious style.

The thrilling new Bentley fragrance will be available for purchase in April at a price of $99 for a 100 ml Eau de Toilette. Its name, Bentley Momentum Unlimited, celebrates his force, speed, and impetus ‒ his momentum to reach a state of complete freedom and there is no luxury more coveted, more priceless than that.

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