Bentley Eyewear Centenary Collection Now Available

Bentley Eyewear Centenary Collection

Bentley the most sought-after luxury car brand in the world is celebrating its 100th year. To commemorate the special occasion Bentley has introduced this special edition to their existing range of sunglasses. These designer wear sunglasses have unique features. They are Handcrafted, made with lightweight and exceptional materials and used state-of-art new lens technology.

Who would not want to keep their eyes cool and relax in this extremely hot summer? If you are trying to find a solution to this question then Bentley has the answer for you with their special collection of 100th-year celebration Bentley Eyewear that has combined innovative technology and extraordinary materials in creating same.

The high-class range of unique frames used for this Bentley Eyewear Centenary Collection is a combination of contemporary and classic style. Each piece represents the glorious years of existence of the world’s leading luxury car maker Bentley.

Bentley Eyewear Centenary Collection

These handcrafted pieces are sophisticated and in par with other world-class eyewear. It’s amazing to see how the world-class qualities such as exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology with refined highlights of uniqueness found in Bentley cars are fused to the Bentley Eyewear.

Special edition collection includes the aviator style handcrafted contemporary 24-carat gold-plated frames, the iconic Bentley ‘B style ’ hand finished with natural lacquer and also adorns the temples of the special edition frames. With the above finishing touches the frames are made of super lightweight titanium that offers the highest level of comfort and quality.

In addition to the classy frames, they have used an innovative high-performance lens with state-of-the-art coatings technology to deliver supreme clarity and unmatched optical protection.

The Ladies Classic Round Sunglasses with feminine touch bring a contemporary twist to the old-fashioned style. The rose gold-plated beta-titanium frames offer comfort and ease of adjustment. Precious metal plating and highly polished surfaces compliment tinted lenses, available in either brown or pink, offering 100 percent UV protection.

Bentley Eyewear Centenary Collection

The easy-to-wear contemporary collection includes a range of optical frames and sunglasses, including the Legacy Panto Sunglasses and Keyhole Bridge Sunglasses, and also offers classic styles in luxury materials such as the gold plated Classic Aviator Sunglasses.

Eight different color combinations are available across two frame sizes. Considering the personal tastes and traits one can choose the best shade and shape from the collection of 100th-year celebration Bentley Eyewear.

If you are really interested in wearing one of these limited-edition sunglasses then selected pieces are now available and could be purchased from Bentley Collection website.

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