At $400K Diamond Studded Belt Buckle Caliber R822 Predator Costs More Than Your Home

Roland Iten Caliber R822 Predator 1

This is a belt buckle for the ages. For the second time in as many years belt maker, Roland Iten has teamed up with sports car maker Bugatti to create an insanely extravagant belt buckle that will cost more than your humble abode. Named, Caliber R822 Predator, the limited edition buckle come with a hefty $400,000 price tag. The buckle just like a Bugatti is an engineering marvel made with 167 separate components.

For $400,000 you’d think it comes with an exotic leather belt, things don’t work that way. A leather belt to go with the buckle would make it a 168 component piece and price will increase accordingly. You’d be however happy to know, the construction of the Predator allows it to easily switch between different straps.

Roland Iten Caliber R822 Predator 2

Altogether there are four complex mechanisms to operate the buckle. And Iten’s website explains its mechanisms this way “Once the wearer inserts the end of the leather strap in the buckle, the double ardillion tang engages effortlessly with the holes in the strap. Operating the Calibre R822 buckle is a veritable tactile pleasure, and it offers a simple, one-handed adjustment for two positions – looser, for driving or sitting, and tighter, for walking or playing sport.”

The Caliber R822 Predator is not just high-tech, it is extremely high-fashion. Its $400,000 price tag is mostly due to the precious stones it comes studded with. The buckle is set with 387 VVS1+ quality baguette and round-cut diamonds totaling 14.15 karats. The Predator platform made from titanium features a white gold body with red gold accents. It is capable of self-cleaning without any lubricants.

Roland Iten Caliber R822 Predator 3

Limited to just 3 pieces, this buckle seems like made exclusively for billionaires and almost billionaires only. If you are patient enough there maybe a Caliber R822 Predator without diamonds, which would obviously cost less than $400,000. For the time being however check with Roland Iten for additional information.


Source: Roland Iten

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