Josefinas Rebel Like Thelma & Louis And Design “B Side” Sneakers

Josefinas B Side

Josefinas of Portugal makes some of the gorgeous ballet flats in the world. In April of this year, they introduced a collection to pay tribute to Beatles’ muses named Pop Square – with four pairs named Yoko, Mo, Pattie, and Linda. Their latest collection just introduced for winter and holidays is named the B-Side (another music themed collection!). Josefinas named the collection B-Side because they have taken a different path with this collection – sneakers.

Their inspiration for B-Side sneaker collection comes from another segment of the entertainment world. This time they chose Ridley Scott’s crime drama Thelma & Louise – a story that revolves around breaking stereotypes. With the introduction of sneaker collection, Josefinas for a brief minute steps away from their familiar luxury ballet flats.

Josefinas B Side

The B-Side consists of two sneaker styles – high top (Thelma) and low top (Louis). Both styles are available in an eye-catching beige and in white. Made of top quality luxe leather, these sneakers are full of style. They come with optional faux fur pom-poms in four colors including my favorite – peach orange. Other pom-pom colors offered include sky blue, royal blue and dark red.

Design guru of Josefinas, Filipa Júlio explained her thought process behind creating the new collection “They said: get a life, and so they did – this expression marks the beginning of Josefinas’ newest collection. I was inspired by Thelma and Louise’s empowerment and breaking free moments. Thelma and Louise’s trip led them to discover their true selves, their B-Side.”

Pricing starts at €295 ($335) for the low top and high top at €345 ($380). US buyers get free shipping. To place your order or get more info head over to their online store.

Josefinas B Side

Source: Josefinas

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