World’s Most Expensive Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish Arrives At Selfridges £160,000

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish

World’s most expensive nail polish just arrived in the UK. If you have spare money lying around the house collect them and head over to Selfridges to grab a £160,000 (approxi. $ 195,000) bottle of Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish. This extravagance come with 267 karats of crushed black diamonds, Selfridges announced. Its exclusive bottle features a unique hand-made platinum sterling cap with its top decorated with 60 hand-set black diamonds. This special edition Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish is extremely rare as only one bottle will be made.

Azature nail polish has long been a favorite of stars in Hollywood. The same expensive nail polish has glamorized the dainty nails of Kelly Osbourne, if you remember back in 2012 for Emmys. Other well-known patrons to sport the brand includes Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Azature’s fellow Armenian, reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Azature is well-known in Hollywood for his black diamond jewelry and is known world over by his moniker “Black Diamond King”.

This does look a lot like a publicity stunt and Selfridges for their part want interested customers to contact their Concept Store for more information.

If you are out of luck to buy a bottle of nail polish with crushed diamonds for £160,000, you are still in luck to buy one of Azature’s £17 diamond-shaped bottles filled with beautiful black polish with a glittery sheen, Selfridges wants you to know.


Source: Selfridges  

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