Multi-Colored Adidas Originals Top Ten Hi “Floral”

Adidas Original Top Ten Hi “Floral” 1

This apparently is the season for new Adidas releases. A couple of days ago it was the global release of new Yeezy Boost, a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. Today we have another, this too was announced a few days ago, but who has the time to write about all these stories in a single day. The new sneaker named Adidas Original Top Ten Hi “Floral” is full of colors, but look darker than it really is.

It features a colorful floral design on a shimmering fabric. Its snakeskin pattern is the result of a black mesh covering the top which at the same time highlight the contrasting colorful print. Even its rubber sole is covered by the print and the net. The Adidas Original Top Ten Hi “Floral” also features gold metal eyes giving, which adds a bit more luxurious look to it. Priced at $150 you can pre-order them from

Adidas Original Top Ten Hi “Floral” 3 Adidas Original Top Ten Hi “Floral” 2


Source: HypeBeast

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