A Harrods Special Guerlain Royal Extract

Guerlain Royal Extract 2

Guerlain has a new perfume for the upmarket Harrods store. The limited edition Guerlain Royal Extract is named to honor Guerlain founder, Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain. Back in 1828, he created a perfume named “Royal Extract of Flowers” for his newly established perfume house. Which as we now know has gone to be a hit with the royal houses in Europe.

Not a lot of information about the perfume available at this time, but according to some this has a heavy dose of vanilla mixed with rose jasmine and tuberose. This is a strong fragrance much similar to Serge Luten’s Ambre Sultan and Shalimar says those same unconfirmed sources. At £280 (approx. $470) Guerlain Royal Extract  will be more like a collector’s edition.

Guerlain Royal Extract


Source: Harrods

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