Buscemi 100 MM Diamond Sneakers Are The World’s Most Expensive Shoes At $132,000

100 MM Diamond Sneaker

We have covered streetwear brand Buscemi and their pricey sneakers in the past, but never anything like this. Buscemi’s latest creation is a white pair named 100 MM Diamond Sneaker with an unbelievable price sticker – $132,000. True, they use all the premium material available in the world suitable for a high-end sneaker, but this much? Let’s find out.

100 MM Diamond Sneaker

Diamonds, of course, are expensive, so the majority of the costs have gone to purchase them. The 100 MM Diamond Sneaker comes studded with 11.5 karats of diamonds. Additionally, they also have Buscemi’s signature padlocks in 18 karat gold. The final piece of the material puzzle is the luxurious tumbled white leather that they used for upper. Even after adding payments for their highly talented Italian craftsmen, I still can’t figure out how they arrived at this price point. Anyway, they will find a buyer who likes finer things in life.

100 MM Diamond Sneaker

This is an extremely limited edition of one. Designed and created for the sole purpose of celebrating their newly opened New York flagship. They unwrapped the 100 MM Diamond Sneaker a few weeks ago at the new digs located at 47 Wooster St in SoHo. That is also the only place you can buy this pair.

If this is the world’s most expensive sneaker pair, Guinness Book of World Records is very slow getting there to certify as such.

100 MM Diamond Sneaker 100 MM Diamond Sneaker

Source: Luxury Launches

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