Exclusive 100% Cervelt Socks From Harrys Of London Will Cost You $1,500 A Pair

From British shoemaker, Harrys of London comes 100 pairs of Charcoal Grey socks in limited edition. These exclusive socks made out of 100% Cervelt, the down harvested from New Zealand Red Deer is known as the “Diamond of Clothing Fibers”. The Cervelt is so rare, only 20 grams of it can be collected from each Red Deer, every year. The processing of the material that includes handwork, dying and weaving requires the highest attention to craftsmanship.

Harrys Of London Socks 3

Fact sheet for Cervelt notes, it’s both lighter and softer than cashmere at 13 microns, cashmere has 16 microns. Other advantages of Red Deer fiber includes resilient to creasing and pilling. It is also known to retain body warmth making them ideal for cold winter weather, Cervelt achieves this through the action of millions of air chambers that form inside the natural creases of the fiber.

Harrys Of London Socks 2

Made in Italy socks needs special care, they are hand wash or dry clean only. As always comfort, luxury, and exclusivity have its price, each pair of Cervelt socks from Harrys of London will cost you $1,500.

Source: Harrys of London

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