Madonna Tops Forbes Most Dough Raked In Musicians List With $125 Million

Her Madgesty tops highest paid musician list for the millionth time, beating out young stars like Lady Gaga and established ones Beyoncé by a mile. She brought home enough dough to buy bacon by the buckets with $125 million in earnings.

Income came from a variety of sources for Madonna, but the center of it all was MDNA concert tours. Sales of Madonna-related merchandise and products at concerts help her bring in $305 million revenue in total. Product sales include Material Girl clothing line and Truth or Dare fragrance.

Madonna’s biggest rival Lady Gaga made $80 million in total for the year. Gaga would’ve caught up with her Madgesty if it wasn’t for the hip injury that forced her to abandon her concert tour. Gaga’s concerts pulled in $160 million.

Veteran rocker Bon Jovi with $79 million is at third place, with most of his income coming from the boldly named Because We Can tour. Controversial country star Toby Keith is at fourth place with $65 million and rounding up top five on the list is British band Coldplay with $64 million.

Madonna’s conical-bra 1

Highest ranking hip-hop star on the list is Sean “Diddy” Combs at No. 11 with $50 million income. But most of his earnings are from sources other than music. His deal with Ciroc vodka earned him biggest bucks this year. Other hip-hop stars Jay-Z is at No. 18 with  $42 million and Dr. Dre at No. 20 with $40 million.

King of Pop, Michael Jackson would have topped Her Madgesty from top spot easily with his posthumous earnings of $160 million, hadn’t it been for the small matter of only living artists qualify for the list.

Forbes list is compiled before taking into account taxes and deductions such as fees for agents, managers, and lawyers.

Source: Forbes

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