David Beckham Cruisin In Beverly Hills On His New McLaren 12C Spider

David Beckham was spotted cruisin like Beckham in Beverly Hills on his brand spanking new McLaren 12C Spider. Retired footballer and avid car aficionado showed off his newest black wheels on a drive around Beverly Hills. Before his drive on Friday, David spent time with family at Disneyland being a good husband and a father on Thursday.

He was dressed in proper style-bhai attire with a baseball cap turned backward, and a short sleeved green T-shirt showing tattooed arms. The cost of the McLaren 12C Spider featuring a 616 hp version with the 3.8-liter V8 engine is said to be around $319,000.  This is the newest addition to Beckham’s car collection that includes Porsches, Bentley’s and Range Rovers.

Source: Daily Mail

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