A George Condo Painted Hermès Birkin Bag From Kanye To Kim For Christmas

Kanye West gave his fiancé Kim Kardashian a one-of-one Christmas gift, a hand painted Hermès bag. The Yeezy gave his sweety a Birkin bag painted by none other than George Condo. The scary looking, twisted painting with a monster and nude women was plastered across the $40,000 precious Hermès Birkin bag.

You might recall George Condo is the same artist who did artwork for Kanye’s ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ album.

As expected (or unexpected for the couple) not many are happy with the butchering of the priceless Birkin bag with so-called ‘Artificial Realism’ art of Condo. Even many of Kardashian’s devoted followers expressed their displeasure after Kim posted a picture of the bag on Instagram with comments like “It’s horrible,” “I thought they [the images] were all her. Lmao!!!” “Really I would have threw it back” and “That shit is ugly ass fuck.”

Even GQ Magazine got into condemning the bag noting “After all, isn’t it a bit ironic that Kim Kardashian is a reality television star, but Condo’s art style is something he calls ‘Artificial Realism?’

Undeterred with the brouhaha, the attention seeking couple went on a shopping spree in Woodland Hills, Calif., this week with the bag in tow.

Kim Kardashian Birkin bag

Source: Boom Box

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