Swarovski-Studded Yarmulke Will Make Your Hanukkah The Happiest One!

World’s Most Expensive Yarmulke

Yarmulkes are hats worn by Jewish men and they are usually very simple…till celebrity artist, Toks Daniel created one with 3,500 sparkling Swarovski crystals with a 2 carat D color flawless diamond at its center. Toks Daniel made this bejeweled yarmulke in collaboration with luxury online store VeryFirstTo. This is the world’s most expensive yarmulke yet and is launching just in time for the Jewish holiday season – do you still need to buy a gift for a special someone?

World’s Most Expensive Yarmulke

Toks Daniel is famous among celebrities for making custom crystal and diamond embellished items. One of his most famous creations were crystal encrusted soccer boots he designed for Ronaldo which are displayed in Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 Museum. The dazzling yarmulke was inspired by Toks’ curiosity about Judaism. “Whilst I was a youngster in Nigeria, Jews had a rather exotic image. The more I have since been exposed to Jews and Judaism, the more I have become enamored with its rituals, principles, and aesthetics. My Yarmulke design is a manifestation of my enchantment with the religion,” said Toks about the shining yarmulke’s birth.

World’s Most Expensive Yarmulke

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was this yarmulke, it took full 14 days – it is the world’s most expensive one after all! Toks Daniel collaborated with jeweler Robert Goodman, a highly respected jewelry designer and maker based in London, to make the yarmulke. Each of the 3,500 crystals had to be meticulously placed and applied to a pre-ordained position. For the final touch of bling, a solitaire cut diamond supplied by Goodman and set atop a Star of David at the Yarmulke’s summit.

So if you still haven’t bought a Hanukkah present, the world’s most precious yarmulke is on sale on VeryFirstTo.com for $167,000 out of which $1,330 will benefit the Chabad Lubavitch of Nigeria. The organization provides for the spiritual welfare of the Jewish community in Nigeria as well as promoting understanding, respect, and diversity. VerFirstTo’s founder Marcel Knobil remarked “This remarkable Yarmulke is simultaneously a spectacular item of headwear and a scintillating work of art. However, we can’t guarantee that it enhances the likelihood of one’s prayers being answered!” in light spirits. Happy Holidays!

Contact Amar Thapen on Amar.T@VeryFirstTo.com for more information.

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