Sold For $400k This Kämmer & Reinhardt Doll Is The World’s Most Expensive Ever

Kämmer & Reinhardt Doll 1

A rare and exquisite porcelain character doll made by German doll-manufacturer Kämmer & Reinhardt has fetched a princely sum of £242,500 (about $400,000) at the recently concluded Bonhams, Knightsbridge auction. The life like doll with finely painted blue eyes wears a white dress with lace sleeves and a powder blue ribbon sash that matches her eyes. Her braided hair is covered by a straw hat with light blue ribbon. She also wears white stockings and white ribbons on her hair. An unusual feature for a doll, it has pierced ears. Unique in many ways, it also has a more adult expression than a child and resembles a striking portrait of a young lady.

Bonhams note they have not found any other examples of this doll, making it a possibility that this was an experimental mold. The doll portrays a young lady from the period 1909-1912. Kämmer & Reinhardt made dolls were in demand at the auction, top three lots sold came from the German doll maker and realized prices double and triple of their estimates.

Kämmer & Reinhardt Doll 2

A doll designed after one of his daughters by artist Professor Lewin-Funcke in a white cotton dress and light brown hair, sold for £170,500 ($280,000). While “Heinz” doll modelled after his nephew Heinz Burkowitz, and described as the most expressive of all the lots was sold for £115,300 ($188,000).

Head of the Toy Department at Bonhams, Leigh Gotch remarked “The collection offered a unique array of dolls, portraying real children from the 1909-1912 period. A collection such as this has never been seen in one room before. The rarity and high quality artwork of these dolls is reflected in the world record breaking prices achieved at Bonhams today.”


Source: Luxury Launches

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