‘Original’ Apple Watch From 20 Years Ago On Sale At eBay – Current Bid $3,000

‘Original’ Apple Watch

You can buy an Apple Watch for just $549 from Apple online store or you can buy an Original Apple Watch from eBay for around $2,999.99. These two obviously are completely different watches. The one now on sale at eBay is an old fashion analog watch Apple distributed as promotional giveaways with Mac OS when it was first launched, at least 20 years ago. For some die-hard Apple fan boys this might amount to another must have collector’s item. There are two units of the Original Apple watch on sale. According to product details offered by the seller they are in mint condition, in perfect working order and comes with a new battery.

The Original Apple Watch features a blue bezel and an off-white dial with Apple logo at 12 o’clock. Four silver buttons indicate 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock. The quartz powered watch feature a triangular-shaped green hour hand and a red minute hand.

‘Original’ Apple Watch

Apple and Steve Jobs related memorabilia always attract hefty prices. It was just weeks ago Jobs’ year book fetched $12,999, also on eBay. If you have an Apple-related watch, this is the best time to sell it. With all the chatter surrounding Apple Watch smartwatch release (which is tomorrow by the way), you are guaranteed to receive a handsome amount for it.

In addition to theappleipodbay, the eBay seller of these two Original Apple Watches, there are more vendors selling the same watch online for less. There is even one listed for just $202.50. Most vendors offer free shipping within US, around $40 to UK and $60 for rest of the world. Keep in mind depending on where you live, you may end up having to pay import fees and other additional charges as well.

‘Original’ Apple Watch ‘Original’ Apple Watch


Source: Luxury Launches

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