World’s Largest Vivid Blue Diamond Estimated To Fetch $25M At Auction

Next week’s Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva will have the world’s largest blue diamond on sale with an estimated price between $21-$25 million. The rare pear-shaped diamond named “the Blue” weighs a total of 13.22 karats and comes in a scintillating color of cobalt. The auction house labeled it as “the largest fancy vivid blue diamond in the world.”

The chances are it might end up fetching way more than its estimated $25 million. In recent auctions, rare diamonds have fetched record prices including the world’s largest orange diamond that was sold for $36 million last November. Prior to the auction, it was estimated to fetch between $17-$20 million. Another notable gemstone to go on sale next week is a 5.5 karat vivid blue-green diamond named “the Orange Dream”.

The entire auction according to Christie’s consists of 250 pieces and estimated to fetch $80 million in total.

Source: Huffington Post

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