Hans Solo’s Hero Blaster From ‘Return Of The Jedi’, Guess How Much…

Han Solo Iconic Blaster

The Days Star Wars Memorabilia Is Going to Fetch You A Fortune

The Star Wars fandom is on the verge of ‘losing it’ these days as one its most anticipated -the Han Solo spin-off- comes to theatres this month. The two things that are synonymous with the character of Han Solo in the Star Wars universe is:

A. the Millennium Falcon (duh no surprise there) and B. his trusted hero blaster.

The hero blaster has been the space rogue’s trusted weapon in fighting many a battle against the Empire in saving the Resistance and of course himself.

The original hero blaster has been sported by Harrison Ford in many Star Wars movie posters and stills especially in those of the 1983 sequel ‘Return of the Jedi’. Ironically enough this movie prop that Ford handsomely sports from the above-mentioned sequel nonetheless goes into auction this June. It is supposed to be on auction both online and in Las Vegas. It is estimated that this iconic movie prop will start its bidding at $500,000.

The upcoming movie, set to be released on 25th of May, ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, is meant to take the Star Wars fans on a flashback journey to when the young Han -played by Alden Ehrenreich- is first introduced to his first hero blaster as he begins his legendary adventures as a space rogue. Thus the looming movie release is one major reason this prop -one of the two non-firing hero blasters used by Han- is estimated to fetch such a high revenue to its present owner -art director James L. Schoppe. Schoppe was the one who created the prop for the 1983 Star Wars sequel. After filming ended he has gifted the prop which he has since kept with him for 35 years.

Given the universal nature of the fan following of the Star Wars universe, it hardly comes as a surprise that Star Wars collectibles have become one of the most highly sought-after pop-culture memorabilia. The memorabilia’s popularity has garnered them price tags such as $450,000 for Luke Skywalker’s original light-saber which was sold last year, and $2.7 million for an R2-D2 droid used in several Star Wars films.

Source: Luxury Launches

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