Collectible Red Wine Bottles Recovered From A 300-Year-Old Shipwreck On Sale At Christie’s London

Shipwreck Wine Bottles Christies

Red wine bottles that recovered from a 300-year-old shipwreck are sure to be an antique collector’s dream of possession.

Although you cannot consume the contents of these bottles definitely, they possess antique value. It’s a known fact that the lengthier the wine is kept in their containers the better it is to consume. Unfortunately, as a result of these bottles being on the sea bed for around 300 years, this had converted the wine non-consumable.

In the year 2010, these bottles were spotted by a team who were involved in a survey mission of the ocean floor off the coast of Germany. When these bottles were found 40 meters underneath the sea bed they were packed inside a kind of a Rattan Basket. Out of the stock of bottles found one got damaged in the recovery process whilst another was opened to test the contents of the bottle. Later it was found that these bottles were filled with strong red wine.

The shape and the cork of the bottles indicate that these bottles were filled during the period 1670 to 1690. Christie’s takes the pride of auctioning this unusual and rare sale item of wine bottles. These will be on sale as two lots and will be auctioned for an estimated price of USD 32,942 – USD 38,010 in an online bid. The highest bidder will receive the Shipwreck wine bottles in specially designed water-filled storage tanks that will further be offered with special equipment to maintain the bottles in their storage tanks.

Though the contents of the bottles will not satisfy your taste buds the antique value of these will definitely give a real satisfaction and add value to your collection if you are an ardent antique collector or trying to become one.

If you think you are going to be lucky enough to own one of these lots or both then log on to the official Christie’s website and start bidding!

Source: The Drink Business 

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