UK’s Charity Stars Auction Off Tycoons Renzo Rosso And Touker Suleyman

Charity Stars Renzo Rosso

UK’s Charity Stars have two ongoing auctions for power lunches with celebrated business tycoons. One is the world famous Renzo Rosso – don’t ring a bell? I am sure you heard his jeans brand – Diesel. Founder of Diesel and President of business group OTB is donating his valuable time to support the Croce Rossa Italiana and the people affected by the earthquake of August 24, 2016.

With four days still to go, Renzo is doing great. His current bid stands at €6,650 from an Italian gentleman by the name Gianni Pesce. The good news is his reserve price is already met and it’s a done deal. The auction winner in addition to feeling super about contributing to a worthy course gets to meet with him, have lunch and pick his brains about business his knowledge. The meeting between Renzo and the auction winner will be held in the OTB headquarters in Breganze (IV) within 6 months of the auction closing date, on a date agreeable to both. To bid or to check the status visit here.

Charity Stars Touker Suleyman

The second man on power lunch auction block is Touker Suleyman, well-known start-up guru of Dragons’ Den. He is donating time for the Small Steps Project, which supports children and families live and scavenge for food on rubbish dumps. With less than a day to go his current bid stands at £800 from a British/Sri Lankan gentleman named Krishan. Suleyman’s bid is yet to reach the reserve price. The lunch meeting with him will take place at QP LDN, Italian fine dining restaurant in Mayfair, London. If you are in the mood for some serious charitable giving today, please hurry up and bid. Once again, the winner gets to ask valuable business-related questions and about business opportunities too. Lunch is due to take place on a date agreeable for both the winner and Touker Suleyman. To place your bid visit here.

Auction conditions include payment within 72 hours of the end of the auction. Charity Stars notify the winner via email and the auction is for one person only.

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