McDonald’s Big Mac Special Sauce Bottle On Sale At eBay Australia For $18,000

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Seems McDonald’s found a way to increase revenues for the next quarter as soon as they got rid of their under-performing CEO. On eBay Australia, McDonald’s is selling a 500 ml bottle of their on demand Big Mac special sauce, with 7 more days to go it already attracted a bid for more than AU$23,100 (about $18,000). Unfortunately Big Mac sauce deal is only for people in Down Under, perhaps the special offer has to do with the Cricket World Cup that starts there on February 14th.

Proceeds from eBay sale of the “Limited Edition Big Mac Special Sauce Bottle #1 of 200” will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities run by McDonald’s that help  sick children and their families. Those who love this sauce are forever trying to create it from recipes, which never turn out like the real thing. The tangy tasted Big Mac sauce has ingredients relish, mustard, distilled vinegar, onion, garlic and salted egg yolks. According to McDonald’s customers frequently ask where they could buy it.

McDonalds Big Mac Special Sauce 2

The company tongue-in-cheek describe ways to use the sauce to enhance tastes of other food including Hungarian Goulash, chicken caesar salad, cupcakes, ice cream, macaroni jewelry, fish oil capsules, your mum’s amazing lasagna, and your boyfriend’s gross lasagna. With Aussie PM Tony Abbott in trouble, by using Big Mac sauce McDonald’s even think you can “get elected as Prime Minister!”

In addition to 500 ml bottles, McDonald’s has plans to sell 25 ml tubes of the special sauce in Australia this month. Small tubes are priced to attract all comers at just AU$.50 ($.40). Special sauce fans live outside of Australia or can’t afford thousands of dollars in an auction, you have couple of options. Buy a ticket to Australia by spending less than eBay price, join the line and buy few of those 25 ml tubes or ask friends Down Under to send few for you, if they don’t mind standing on line for few hours.

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Source: Eater

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