An “Out Of The Ordinary” Auction By Christie’s London

London auction house, Christie’s on September 5th will hold their first ever “Out of the ordinary” auction. Listed items include truly bizarre bronze death mask of Napoleon to unconventionally massive caviar dish. In all, there are 155 lots ready go under the hammer. Napoleon’s mask from the Antommarchi cast circa 1833 that is expected to fetch between $16,000 and $23,000.

Christies - Napolean Death Mask

Massive Marine Plywood Rocking Horse – $38,000 -60,000 
Red painted horse designed and made by Anthony Dew. Features a trapdoor in the horse’s belly and another in the saddle, no known rumors about being a Trojan. “Big Bertie” is believed to be the largest hand-carved rocking horse in the world.

Christies - Rocking Horse

 A Massive Silver Caviar Dish – $120,000 – $150,000
Considered to be the largest caviar dish in the world. Priced appropriately to pique interest in Russian oligarchs living in and around London.

Christies - Caviar dish

A Rare Pair Of  Large Scale Victorian Leather “Ivy Brand” Exhibition Balmoral Boots – $16,000 – $18,000
Made for Rhodes, Rowling and Shaw Ltd. This show is a manufacturer’s display model with “Ivy” carved into the sole. Constructed entirely of leather. This is an accurate, scaled up British size 42 boot. Expects heavy interest from high-street retailers.

Christies - Victorian Balmoral Boots

An Extremely Rare Malle Fleurs Trunk – Louis Vuitton – $22,000 – $24,000
Modeled after monogram canvas “Cabin” trunk and fashioned metal locks, leather handles, and composite leather bindings. Interior lined paper, printed with camels, palm trees and people in a desert setting.

Christies - Louis Vuitton Trunk

A Large Illuminated Pierced Brass Sculpture Of A Rhino – $ 12,000 -$15,000 
Fitted for electricity and standing on a rectangular plinth. This is a recent manufacture.

Christies - Brass Rhino

Each lot has been selected as either visually striking or with an intriguing story to tell, and many have never before been seen at auction. The diverse range of departments welcomes the public to the extended exhibition from 5 August until the sale on 5 September. It is definitely a sale full of surprises that will excite the imagination.

Source: Christie’s

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