A Rare ABBA Recording Has Been Sold For $ 6,600

Money, Money, Money! – a rare ABBA recording was sold for 42,000 Kronor ($6,600) in an online auction. Produced in 1981 to celebrate their manager Stig Anderson’s 50th birthday, a very limited edition of only 200 copies of the single had been produced. Thomas Nordin, a big ABBA fan, started collecting all things related to the famous Swedish group when he was nine years old, that was way back in 1974. Over the years he accumulated a collection of some 25,000 ABBA related items from around the world. His collection included other rare and unusual items such as ABBA clogs made to the American market, ABBA soaps and dolls, original posters and a very large collection of clippings and books.

Nordin told AFP “It’s fantastic, I’m stunned!” “We never imagined that,” Added Beata of Donner, the spokeswoman for the auction house Stockholms Auktionsverk, which organized the sale.

Other items sold at the auction include a purple vest with group’s name, bought for 31,500 Kronor ($4900), a rare soap for 4,000 Kronor ($625) and a small red bag for 13,000 Kronor ($2030.)

There were no takers for clippings and books, which is not unexpected in this internet age, you can Google ABBA if you want to read about them. But this fact did not discourage Nordin. “Obviously there are certain things that did not sell. It’s very varied, but I’m very very happy,” said Nordin. He plans to put them up for auction again in autumn with a lower price list.

Eternal ABBA fan Nordin kept for himself a postcard signed by all four members of the group: Agnetha Faeltskog, Bjoern Ulvaeus, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Benny Andersson.

Source: Raw Story

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